Share my own story of healing as a warrior

“Over 20 years in the Marine Corps-I was provided the tools, training, and support to win in combat.

After returning from my last combat tour, I began to transition only to realize I was suffering from wounds unseen and unable to overcome on my own. Courtney provided me the tools, training, and support I needed to win in everyday life. Courtney’s efforts saved my life, and I highly recommend her service to anyone ready to make a positive change and start living again.”

-Marine Raider

“As a retired Marine Lieutenant Colonel and now successful business owner, I give Courtney my strongest possible recommendation.

It’s hard to put in words how much Courtney has helped. She is a deeply compassionate and caring person who was also so strong for me when I needed it most. She helped me to overcome significant difficulties and trauma from a 23 year military career and create an amazing life. I am so deeply grateful to her for the time she spent helping me to successfully face and cope with many issues, including PTSD, holding me back in life.”