Peer Endorsements

Goes the extra mile

“Clinical Social Worker/Therapist, MSW/ LCSW  Courtney is passionate about being a psychotherapist. She cares deeply about the goals and outcomes of her clients, and will go the extra mile to assure that her clients are taken care of.”

ZenMind Therapy

A safe and therapeutic envirnment

“I have known Courtney Patti in a professional capacity for seven years. The decision to seek behavioral health services is not always an easy one and the hardest part is often talking yourself into making the first appointment. Courtney is adept at creating a safe and therapeutic environment and quickly identifying the interventions that will best address the chief complaints.

“She is intentional in meeting the client where they are and uses her clinical expertise to demystify the symptoms that can be disruptive and unsettling for the client. Courtney is a skilled provider for clients with a complex medical history and whose work backgrounds require daily routines that are different than the average person. If you are at a stuck point but are open to change, Courtney is the one you want on your team. I would recommend my clients to her without reservation.”

Muzna Ahmed, OTD, OTR/L
Doctor of Occupational Therapy

One of the most compassionate and skilled practitioners in her trade.

“I know the patients I share with her will get better over all in their physical therapy musculoskeletal needs because of the hard work she does with them for their mental health. Her knowledge and expertise is beyond what I have seen with any professional in her field. She shows warmth and acceptance and focuses her care on the patients needs. She listens carefully and is able to reflect what you say back to you and is able to ask good questions to help you see a new perspective and draw your own conclusions.

“Courtney, importantly, is easy to talk to, creates a healthy environment to help you feel relaxed and stay focused in therapy. Her sessions help patients improve communication and coping skills, strengthen their self-esteem, and promote behavior change and optimal mental health.

“She sets the gold standard for patient care!”

I was able to spend several years working with Courtney as a colleague and observe the impact of her work with clients

“Courtney demonstrates advanced knowledge of evidence based practices that are proven to be the most helpful approaches for client progress. She offers empathic, client centered care with a straight forward, goal-oriented approach that puts clients at ease and offers hope for the change they desire. Having had the opportunity to work alongside her with active duty military and retirees in a multi-disciplinary clinic, I can attest that Courtney has developed the ability to see a problem holistically, and offer not just psychotherapy, but additional resources and referrals that will address issues more quickly and effectively for the client. She demonstrates insight into the culture of the military, as well as the challenges that military veterans and retirees may face as they transition to civilian lives and jobs, and is adept at identifying and processing through these challenges.”

Emily Manza, LCSW

An outstanding behavioral health counselor

“Her professionalism and dedication to mental health treatment is truly exceptional. Always a consummate professional, Ms. Patti helps her patients by giving them the tools, encouragement, and support to cope with life changes and challenging times. She is honest and forthright, thoughtful and considerate, understanding, helpful, and always ready to go the extra mile for her patients.

“Ms. Patti has expertise in working with individuals with anxiety, depression, posttraumatic stress, grief/loss, trauma, and interpersonal difficulties. In addition, she has experience in helping individuals maximize their potential in both their personal and professional lives.

“Having worked with active duty service members, veterans, and their families for many years at Fort Belvoir Community Hospital, Ms. Patti has particular expertise in treating service members and their families navigating through situations that are unique military life. Whether they are returning from war zones and struggling to readjust to life at home, adjusting to new assignments, processing wartime mental or physical trauma, dealing with other emotional problems, or wanting to improve their overall health and well-being, Ms. Patti provides a non-judgmental environment where service members naturally feel accepted and understood.

“As a clinical neuropsychologist who works with Ms. Patti, we often share the same patients. I’m continuously impressed by Ms. Patti’s insight, compassion, communication and collaboration with other professionals, and commitment to her patients. Our mutual patients trust Ms. Patti completely and feel comfortable sharing with her their darkest and most difficult times. Best of all, her patients leave her office feeling better than when they arrived. As a colleague, I strongly value Ms. Patti’s advice and opinions.

“I highly recommend Ms. Patti to anyone struggling through life’s difficult stages.”